Why Can’t Humans Digest Cellulose

Why Can’t Humans Digest Cellulose

When humans digest food, it is broken down into simpler chemical compounds by bacterial enzymes and then absorbed through the villi in our gut. Cellulose acts like fiber to reinforce vital organs such as liver or colon; without this reinforcement we would not be able maintain structural integrity of these areas due their lack if crucial nutrients like vitamin B12 (which can only come from animal products). The undigested portion also provides support for good Gut health which helps with absorption rates across other foods you consume – so don’t forget about those pesky side effects when making changes!

Why Can’t We Digest Cellulose

Cellulose is a polymer made up of glucose molecules. Unlike other polymers such as plastics or rubbers, it cannot be broken down by enzymes in your body because there aren’t enough for this purpose – which means that if you eat lotsa Cellulyze tablets then they’ll just pass through unabsorbed! This might sound bad at first until we remember how much good stuff those pesky little chains do: strengthen bones while reducing risk factors associated with diabetes; help regulate blood pressure levels ; enhance immune function.

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