Why Are Insulin Prices Going Up

Why Are Insulin Prices Going Up

The pharmaceutical pricing system is just not fair, and it’s rigged so patients pay more each year. In fact some diabetics have had their insulin costs go up a lot recently too! U .S Sen Ron Wyden from Oregon knows what you’re feeling because he led an investigation into these issues in 2016 with his Senate Finance Committee issuing report last month on how bad things really are for those who need medication to stay alive

Cost Of Insulin By Country

There are many countries that have lower insulin costs than the United States, with a range of $0-$2.00 per dose (Including India). For example: Canada ($3), Japan ($2) and Brazil($ 2).

How Much Does Insulin Cost In Canada

The cost of insulin in Canada is sky-high, especially when you compare it with other countries. The price for one vial can range from $35 to over 60 dollars depending on where someone purchases their medication! As well as this there’s no coverage anywhere that would cover the costs associated with needles and alcohol swabs which are essential tools used by people living With Diabetes taking care other disease.

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