Who Developed The System Known As Anthropometry

Who Developed The System Known As Anthropometry

The French physician and anthropologist, Louis Alphonse was the father of Alfonse. He largely influenced his son’s knowledge in regards to humans skeletal system which led him towards developing an identification process for criminals using measurements taken from their skulls or jaws called Anthropometry designed by himself and Coefficient Index Crime Estimations created during 1880s’ era France where they were looking into ways on collecting more accurate data than just fingerprints at time when it wasn’t even possible because few people had been born with fully formed hands (or any part-formed fingers) so all other methods failed until someone came up idea involving photography!

Who Is The Father Of Forensic Toxicology

Mathieu Joseph Bonaventure Orfila was a key figure in the development of forensics, working to make chemical analysis an integral part. He studied all aspects from asphyxiation and decomposition through exhumation for his time period which has been invaluable today still practiced by coroners across Europe.

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