Which Type Of Pollution Includes Cfcs And Smog

Which Type Of Pollution Includes Cfcs And Smog

The process of ozone depletion in the atmosphere is happening more quickly than we thought. Most Stratospheric column loss comes from man-made sources, such as CFCs and HCFCs which are being released into our Earth’s system at an alarming rate (84%). However 16% also comes natural – mostly due to oceans interacting with volcanoes or volcanic ash.

Which Of The Following Is A Secondary Pollutant?

When you breathe in air, it’s not just CO2 that makes up for about 50% of the volume. There are also secondary pollutants like ozone and NO2 that come from things like hydrocarbons (HC) or nitric oxides (NOx). Ozone is a type of oxygen with extra potency which can be formed when two different molecules combine under sunny skies; its presence has been linked to asthma attacks among others health problems since exposure causes lung irritation on contact. Another example would acid rain – this occurs due to certain types water reacting naturally occurring emissions such as sulfur dioxide gas + HCl.

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