Which Statement Below Defines Epistasis?

Which Statement Below Defines Epistasis?

Gene regulation is the key to understanding human behavior.

An individual’s genes are exquisitely complex codes that tell cells what to do and when, but they can’t act on their own; instead these instructions come from outside sources like DNA strands wrapped around protein-building blocks called amino acids (or sometimes other molecules). Every time a cell needs an instruction it looks for this gibberish code through its genealogical library—the set of all possible permutations stored within each person’s germline plus any nonreproductive tissues such as hair or skin known scientifically as somatic variation which accounts for about 50% more Diversity In humans because people carry traits passed down.

What Is A Recessive Epistatic Gene?

recessive epistasis is a unique form of genetic interaction where one gene can mask the effects of another. It’s most commonly seen when there are two recessives that must interact but don’t actually share any DNA, such as hairless dogs becoming otherwise known as ” Chilean Miners.”

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