Where Is The Sphenoid Bone

Where Is The Sphenoid Bone

Where Is The Ethmoid Bone

The ethmoid bone is an unpaired cranial structure that forms the nasal cavity and parts of your head. It also helps to shape you eye sockets, nose hole as well as where it fits into the overall skull form!
Its uniqueness comes from how different people have their own unique make up for this part due its intermixing with other bones such like facial sinuses or turbinates.

Where Is The Sella Turcica Located

The sella turcica is a bony depression in the sphenoid bone. The upper portion of this cavity contains the cavernous sinuses, superiorly bounded by a thin layer (dural fold) that separates it from other areas around our head like the diaphragma sellae and anteroinferiorly toward where we find ourselves sitting on top – which would be to say posteriorly behind us when talking about posture during exams or presentations.

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