Where Is The Crown Of Your Head

What Is The Crown Of The Head

The crown is the top portion of your head that’s behind everyone else and above their respective vertex. It can be made up three layers in humans, but some organisms only have one or two!

Where Is The Crown Of The Head

The crown of your head is located at the very top. It’s either a point or an elevated area you may see on some people’s skulls, and it provides protection for other parts in there as well such like our brains from damage by things happening outside us (like weather).

Where Is The Crown Of Your Head

The human head is shaped like an oblong ball because of its beautiful designs and functions. The front part, or crown-like structure called “frontal bone” consists mainly from two plates – one for each ear canal opening into their respective outer holes on top; these sit above six small bumps that form what looks almost like hairspray canisters when looked at up close (the soffits).

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