Can Weight Gain Cause Back Pain

Can Weight Gain Cause Back Pain

Back pain is a huge issue for many people, and it’s especially bad news if you have to deal with chronic lower back issues. Being overweight can be one of the leading causes because of how much more weight there tends to be on them in comparison with those who are slim or even underweight when they suffer from injury. NINDS says that “being overweight [puts] additional strain” onto spinal muscles which then puts added pressure on other parts around your body including joints throughout our ankles as well ̵

Does Inflammation Cause Weight Gain

Inflammation is the underlying factor in all major degenerative diseases, including heart attack and cancer. It can also cause weight gain; however there are ways you could reduce this by making key changes to diet or lifestyle factors which will help your body shed excess pounds while maintaining good health!

Is Being Fat A Sin

Mortal sin is a much more serious issue than venial. Mortal sins can lead to eternal damnation, while the consequences of having only mild infractions like running late for work or forgetting your spouse’s birthday might not be so severe in contrast with this outcome—they just make life less enjoyable until you apologize!
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