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Acute Stress Disorder Dsm 5

Acute Stress Disorder is a reaction to an event that can create difficulties for those who experience it. The symptoms of acute stress disorder include feeling numb or detached from oneself, having flashbacks and nightmares (just like post-traumatic syndrome), as well being able to relive the trauma in one’s mind without any emotional response . About half of people with this type go on then develop PTSD later down their life span; while others do not suffer nearly so severely after they recover from Acute Stresses Disorde r
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Acute Stress Disorder Vs Adjustment Disorder

The symptoms of acute stress disorder and adjustment disorders are similar. However, there is one major difference – people who have experienced a traumatic event can experience these conditions anywhere from three days to one month after their Initial trauma(s). Those with Achietment Disod Grain will often relive it in unwanted ways; having flashbacks or nightmares about what happened which may make them feel numb/detached when dealing directly w /the situation at hand

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