Which Of The Following Statements About Desalination Is True

Which Of The Following Statements About Desalination Is True

The use of desalination can lead to increased fossil fuel dependence, higher greenhouse gas emissions and more climate change. Renewable energy needs must be used in order for this technology not only work but also remain sustainable over time.

How Many Desalination Plants Are In California

The state of California is looking to build 12 more seawater desalination facilities in order diversify their water supply. One proposal has backing from Governor Gavin Newsom who wants this new project done so it can provide more drought-resistant options for residents, while others note how necessary he thinks they’ll be given all future maritime needs that will arise due severe storms predicted across America’s Pacific coastlines.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Desalinating Water

The process of desalination has many flaws that can harm human health and domestic environments. It is important to know the risks involved with this technology so we don’t end up sacrificing our safety for an unnecessary advantage in water development.

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